Property Management

Client accounting software.

Our automated property management client accounting system will save you time, money and reduce human error.

SME Professional automatically recognises incoming payments and assigns them to the correct properties in an instant. Landlord and contractor BACS schedules and statements can be generated in bulk. With our branded landlord portal, your clients can check their payments and balances simply by logging in.

Our deposit scheme software integrations make lodging deposits quick and easy.

Import from your bank Integrate seamlessly with your online banking

Reconcile your accounts easily by directly importing your bank feeds into SME Professional. Create BACS payment files which can be imported into your bank, making bulk payments simple.

bank integrations

Save time and effortStreamline the landlord payment process

  • Easily manage landlord expenses
  • Generate and email all your landlord statements at the touch of a button
  • Pay all your landlords with a system-generated BACS payment file

Automated client accounting feature

Integrate With Major deposit schemes

Streamline the registering and management of deposits and never miss an important deadline. SME Professional passes tenant, landlord and property deposit information directly into your chosen deposit scheme.

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Client Accounting Features Reduce time and effort

Automated Client Accounting
Authorisation of changes to payment details
Bank reconciliation
Bulk statement generation
Contractor payments, commission and remittance
Creation and authorisation of BACS payments
Deposit balance management
Deposit scheme integrations
Import and auto-assignation of bank transactions
Landlord expense management
Managing float balances
Owner and tenant ledger
Receipt management
Statement ledger options
Withholding tax

SME Professional The complete property management solution


Lettings Management

From appraisal management to multi-document electronic signature tenancy packs - we have the lettings journey covered.


Property Management

Designed for the professional management of your property portfolio. Our goal is to simplify your operations to allow you to spend more time growing your business.

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Compliance Management

Our system is not a simple date box for the expiry date of a safety certificate, it is an in-depth suite of software applications to manage and control your compliance and prevent mistakes occurring.

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Property Marketing

Try out our digital window displays, publish your properties to all major marketing portals (and many others) and generate brochures or window cards from your own designs.


Contact & Leads Management

Pull applicant leads from major portals. Our comprehensive contact management allows you to do everything from matching applicants to properties to converting contact.



A range of merge-code enabled emails at the click of a button, from key information to embedded Google maps. Built in text messaging with replies straight to your email address.


Dashboard & Client Portals

Let your landlords and tenants log in to their own portal while your team view business-wide data on our customisable dashboards.



The home of property software integrations - we have an extensive range of integrations and are continually working with industry partners to release more.

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